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Pre-order up now...Billy No Mates USA - "Sourdough" LP

10 YEARS sat on the sidelines, waiting for the opportunity to show itself to the world...please welcome THE LP from..."Billy No Mates USA"!!!

Billy (AKA Duncan Redmonds) decided way back in November 2010 that it was time that North America should be the next continent to lend some of its musical talents to this very global project! The premise of Billy No Mates USA was a simple one: - one that had already spawned LPs from both 'BNM West/UK' and 'BNM East/Japan' - to lock up three Yankee punks in a studio with the mad scientist himself until they had either gone completely Lord Of The Flies on each other, or produced something worth committing to record! Fortunately for everyone, the latter ensued and what you (almost) hold in your hands is the very first issuance of that studio recording...the "Sourdough" LP.

These 12 tracks, which were recorded in Motor Studios San Francisco, with a melodic punk all-star team of musicians.... Joey "The Caper" Cape (Lagwagon, Me FIrst & The Gimme Gimmes), Tyson "Chicken" Annicharico (Dead To Me, ex-Western Addiction) and Sergie, umm..."the Loob(??)" Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack) pooled their collective talents to create this heady mix of skate-punk/hardcore/sea-shanty perfection! In fact for one night only back then (2010), lucky punters at Thee Parkside would have been able to see the band play their one & only show together!

Throw in artwork by none other than self-confessed Snuff-geek Chris Shary, and the package is complete!


Posted on December 21st, 2020
Third pressing of Snuff 12" (including Store-exclusive Splatter!)


So, despite the cries of "please, no more variants...!" (see * note at the end of this post if that could be you), we've gone ahead & pressed a third run of Snuff's excellent "Wrath of Thoth" 12-inch, and have tried to push the boat out a bit on this one :)

Let's start with the craziness that is spinning above this text. 300 copies have been pressed for sale only through physical record stores and select mailorder contacts who have been fervent supporters of Snuff throughout the years. These copies have been pressed on "Translucent red A-side with translucent blue B-side, plus white splatter" vinyl and you should hit up any of the following stores in order to grab yourself a copy before they're all gone:

All Ages Records (London) -
Banquet Records (Kingston upon Thames) -
Brassneck Records (Cardiff) -
Crackle! Records (Leeds) -
Piccadilly Records (Manchester) -
Punker Bunker (Brighton) - (In-store purchases only)
Rough Trade East (London) -
Specialist Subject Records (Bristol) -

Coretex Records (Berlin) -
Flight 13 Records (Freiburg) -
Radiation Records (Rome) -

Waterslide Records (Tokyo) -

USA & Canada:
Smartpunk (Orlando) -

Secondly, digital music fans can also sleep easy, as all third pressing copies will come with a free digital download code insert. Follow the link on the insert to the Bandcamp sub-site where you'll be able to plug in your unique code & download the record on any one of a bucket-load of digital file formats...enjoy!!!


And finally, if you are unable to grab one of the store splatters, then there is an ultra-limited "Half white/half silver" version that also forms part of this third pressing. This variant is only available from the band ( and you can order a copy along with a rather spiffing 'Wrath of Thoth' T-shirt in any one of a rainbow's worth of colour choices!

Snuff T-shirt & exclusive record Bundle

* = For all those Snuff wax collectors who have gone over & above the call of duty, and have bought ALL 6 of the first & second pressing variants of this release, drop the band an e-mail ( to claim a free record!!

Posted on August 19th, 2020
3 x brand new exclusive vinyl records for 2020...Take THAT, coronavirus!!!

Whilst this may not be the best time for a tiny label like ours to go diving headlong into MULTIPLE new vinyl pressings...that's exactly what we're going to do because damn it, we all need some help right now

First up (drum roll, please) we are over-the-moon to announce the release of "The Wrath of Thoth" - the brand new record from UK punk legends Snuff...That's right, SNUFF!!! Originally lined-up to be released on their May 2020 UK Tour, this EP brings us SIX unreleased tracks of absolute punk perfection from Duncan & the tracks if you include the hidden one :) Honestly, this release is just what we all needed right now, with the band running the gamut of punk styles, sliding from melodic hardcore riffage to bounce-along choruses, via a British airmen's song from World War I...Obviously! We are releasing this with the band's own label (10 Past 12 Records), and have pressed up just 500 copies over three colours of vinyl for you to take your pick from! DONALD DUCK!!!

Next up, we have two new pressings from records we put out last year: A baby blue vinyl run of Guns N' Wankers' discography LP, and the awesome Gameface 'Every Last Tape' LP gets our lovely tie-dye vinyl treatment!!! Check out the store page for more info on each, including a load of pics of the ACTUAL individual tie-dye records that we'll be sending out.

We are very mindful at this time that money is tighter than ever for a lot of folks, but we still want you to be able to enjoy these exclusive pressings of great bands' work. For those customers who are interested in buying all three of these pressings, we have set up a 'COVID-combo' on our store page, where you'll be able to get these uber-limited copies for 15% less than buying the records individually!


As usual, if you have any questions then please drop us a mail & we'll try to get straight back to you. Stay positive everyone! Cheers.

Posted on April 17th, 2020