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Oh yes!!! New GAMEFACE recordings and band signs to Equal Vision!!!

Fantastic news just in: the legendary Gameface have signed to Equal Vision Records and will be releasing a 7" in November, followed by a full LP in 2014!

Aside from being absolutely chuffed for Jeff & the guys, this has totally made my year! See & hear a bit more info right here, including a snippet from the new 7" track 'Come On Down'.  SO HAPPY!!!

Posted on September 18th, 2013
TBR boxset (UYT-exclusive version) Pre-orders will be up from...

11:00 a.m. London Time (BST) (Which is 10:00 a.m. GMT)

If anyone has any preferred shipping methods AFTER they have purchased the Boxset, please use the 'contact' link at the top of this page!

Best of luck to all of you pre-orderers who will be automatically entered into the Test Pressing and 'Tie-Dye' Bonus sets prize draws!





Posted on August 26th, 2013
Teenage Bottlerocket Complete Discography 8xLP Boxset (Exclusive version limited to 100)...Out soon!!!

We will be putting up the preorder up for the 'Unless You Try Records-Exclusive version' of this great release on Monday 26th August. Records expected to ship end of September (but could be earlier, could be later depending on delivery services).

For those that wanted to know, our colour of the 2 x LPs of 'bonus material' (unreleased tracks & compilation tracks) will be clear wax with multi-colour splatter, and will hopefully look just as good as it sounds! 

We can't release the exact tracklisting just yet but can say that TBR's debut LP 'Another Way' has been totally remixed earlier this year and "sounds like it was recorded in 2013", and the bonus LPs will also feature a remixed version of the A-Bomb EP (as well as the unreleased & compilation goodies) :-D. Add to that lot RE-MASTERED versions of 'Total', 'Warning Device', 'They Came From The Shadows' and 'Freak-Out' and you have one amazing package! Plus, there's also the great 'Live In 06' album included. This gem was originally pressed as a one-sided 12", but has now been re-mixed and spread over both sides of the disc so you know it sounds better than the original release!

We will also have some cool stuff to give away in a random draw! Everyone who buys a copy of the boxset will be automatically entered to win:

- One of two copies of the Clearview Slipcase / Autographed / Tie Dye bonus version

- A Test Pressing of the whole shebang!

As for pricing, we have tried very hard to keep the price down as much as possible and are happy to announce that the price is bang in line with the Clearview versions, so you won't be paying more than your US counterparts to get this over here in the UK & Europe! In fact you'll be saving up to $60 or 30% on the total versus importing from the US as you'll be paying lower shipping costs and shouldn't have to pay any further pesky import duties as these will be sent from within the EU! 

So click here to pre-order your copy on Monday 26th August...and good luck for the prize draw!

Posted on August 24th, 2013
Unless You Try Records Exclusive: Samiam - "You Are Freaking Me Out (Remastered)" on PINK vinyl /100

We are very excited to announce that we are selling the remastered vinyl version of our favourite record ever...Samiam's "You Are Freaking Me Out"!!!

The record that followed their breakthrough LP "Clumsy", "YAFMO" almost never got released at all as Atlantic unceremoniously dropped the band from their roster citing, among other things, songs which didn't fit with Atlantic's desired direction!!! HAHA!!! "Full On", "She Found You", "Factory", "Good Enough"...The tracks on this LP are among some of the greatest melodic punk tunes EVER written (and that's coming from someone who ranks Leatherface's "Mush" as a close second!), and this remastered version gives them that added oomph for vinyl that they thoroughly deserve! First released some 15-odd years ago, this essential record has been given a full worldwide vinyl release (previously only available on wax from Bitzcore) and we are lucky enough to have an exclusive colour...100 copies only on PINK wax...YUM!

Shipping in mid-April, we have put the pre-order up in our webstore here. But be quick...we don't expect these to last long!

Posted on March 26th, 2013