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3 x brand new exclusive vinyl records for 2020...Take THAT, coronavirus!!!

Whilst this may not be the best time for a tiny label like ours to go diving headlong into MULTIPLE new vinyl pressings...that's exactly what we're going to do because damn it, we all need some help right now

First up (drum roll, please) we are over-the-moon to announce the release of "The Wrath of Thoth" - the brand new record from UK punk legends Snuff...That's right, SNUFF!!! Originally lined-up to be released on their May 2020 UK Tour, this EP brings us SIX unreleased tracks of absolute punk perfection from Duncan & the tracks if you include the hidden one :) Honestly, this release is just what we all needed right now, with the band running the gamut of punk styles, sliding from melodic hardcore riffage to bounce-along choruses, via a British airmen's song from World War I...Obviously! We are releasing this with the band's own label (10 Past 12 Records), and have pressed up just 500 copies over three colours of vinyl for you to take your pick from! DONALD DUCK!!!

Next up, we have two new pressings from records we put out last year: A baby blue vinyl run of Guns N' Wankers' discography LP, and the awesome Gameface 'Every Last Tape' LP gets our lovely tie-dye vinyl treatment!!! Check out the store page for more info on each, including a load of pics of the ACTUAL individual tie-dye records that we'll be sending out.

We are very mindful at this time that money is tighter than ever for a lot of folks, but we still want you to be able to enjoy these exclusive pressings of great bands' work. For those customers who are interested in buying all three of these pressings, we have set up a 'COVID-combo' on our store page, where you'll be able to get these uber-limited copies for 15% less than buying the records individually!


As usual, if you have any questions then please drop us a mail & we'll try to get straight back to you. Stay positive everyone! Cheers.

Posted on April 17th, 2020