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New Gameface vinyl!!! The original demo of the band's breakthrough LP plus a blistering live session, all on a very limited wax pressing

Limited to just 300 copies, this vinyl-only release compiles 6 original demo versions plus 6 live cuts of the tracks that would go on to make up "Every Last Time" - for many fans, their favourite Gameface record :) Mastered by the great Eric Stenman (Thrice, Saves The Day), every copy includes a code for a digital download of the entire demo tape as well as the LP tracks. Add to that some really personal liner notes & cracking road stories from the different band members and we are proud to bring you this very special release...order is now live in the webstore...Get at it!

Fans in Germany can order directly from Flight 13 Records, whilst those of you in North America can secure a copy by visiting Revelation Records' webstore where they have an exclusive yellow variant! Thanks again to both labels for helping us try to reduce the ever-increasing cost of shipping our releases to our loyal customers.

For the Euro wax-nerds out there, if you want to grab both variants, we also have a limited number of 'double packs' in our store.

Posted on November 14th, 2019
Guns 'N Wankers "Complete Discography" pressed on exclusive white vinyl /100! Order NOW!!!

Released to coincide with their 2019 UK tour, this LP finally compiles all 13 tracks which were recorded & released over the space of four 7-inches back in 1993 & '94. Massive thanks to Sean Forbes (who will always hold legendary status in our eyes) as well as Mr. Redmonds & co for letting us be part of bringing this perfect slice of UK pop-punk history back to the masses! Aimed primarily at UK fans, we are also trying to hook up continental European fans and you Americanos with a way to get your GNW fix without paying the now-ludicrous shipping charges...Stay tuned or drop us a mail! BING BONG!!

Guns n Wankers Pop - Hardcore - Metal - Silly (The Complete Recordings '93-'94) vinyl Unless You Try Records white exclusive variant

For those of you who are unsure of how this super-project came to be...from Wikipedia....

Guns 'N' Wankers a punk rock band, formed by ex-members of British punk band Snuff, and British rock band The Wildhearts in the early 1990s. The band consisted of Duncan Redmonds (vocals, guitar), Pat Walters (drums, vocals) and Joolz Dean (bass guitar, vocals).[1] The three formed the band on the same day Snuff played their farewell gig (now reformed) at the Kilburn National[2], and Walters was released of duty with The Wildhearts. On the off chance, Duncan gave Walters a call after seeing him play in a band called The Milk Monitors a few years before. In turn, Walters called his old mate Joolz Dean (Pat and Joolz had played in an early incarnation of The Wildhearts and before that in London glam punk act Soho Roses) and the line-up was complete.[3]

After touring up and down the UK with the likes of Leatherface, NoFX and Wat Tyler, the band set about recording demos. This coincided with a tour of the Basque region in Spain, where copies of the demos sold well. On their return Sean of Wat Tyler, the man behind Rugger Bugger Records, put up the modest money to record a Guns 'N' Wankers album, which was recorded and produced by Andy J. Davies.[4] The recordings were originally released on Rugger Bugger Records as three 7" EPs: Hardcore, Pop, and Metal (A Silly EP was free with an issue of Fear & Loathing 'zine in very limited numbers), the album was later that year, omitting the track "Evergreen" from the Metal EP. However, when NoFX's Fat Mike showed an interest in releasing the album on legendary US punk label Fat Wreck Chords, he dispensed with all the material from Metal. The remainder was a compilation of the Hardcore and Pop EPs, released as an eight-track album called For Dancing And Listening.[5][6] The album was well received and continues to be highly regarded by the punk fraternity, but unfortunately soon after, the band split due to the reformation of Snuff. Pat Walters went on to play with singer-songwriter Marc Carroll in a band called The Hormones and Joolz formed punk band Dogpiss.[7]


Posted on May 9th, 2019
Samiam's "Clumsy" repressed on two exclusive variants! Order NOW!!!

Ahead of their October tour of Austria & Germany, we are super-proud to be able to offer you two exclusive variants of the band's watershed LP, "Clumsy". This is the record that many fans vote as their #1 Samiam record, and it's not difficult to see why: The perfect storm of slick major-label production clout, coupled with a band who were writing some of the most cohesive, melodic, emotional punk-rock of any decade! We really hope that this pressing serves as a great reminder to fans over here of why everyone needs to have Samiam in their record collection, as well as offering new fans a chance to get to hear one of the records that helped define a genre...Yes, it's THAT crucial an LP!!!

Originally pressed by Bitzcore here in Europe back in 2001, this 2018 version with updated artwork has been pressed on two vinyl variants which will be stamped & hand-numbered out of just 120 copies!!! See the pics below & order via our webstore!

Note: For those of you who need both of these ultra-rare variants, we have added a 'buy both' option which carries an automatic 10% discount :)

Samiam Clumsy vinyl Unless You Try Records tri colour pinwheel UK only exclusive variant


Posted on August 17th, 2018
2017 repress of "Astray" available NOW!

Following the band's July/August jaunt through mainland Europe, we have teamed up with Hopeless Records & No Idea Records to bring you this repress of the band's landmark 6th album, "Astray". We originally helped repress this beaut back in 2013 and our tie-dye variant sold out in a couple of days! This time we have opted for the 'giving-a-nod-to-Hot-Water-Music' blue/gold split vinyl variant which will be stamped & hand-numbered out of just 120 copies!!! See the pics below & order via our store!

Samiam Astray vinyl 2017 repress crazy stripe blue gold split


Posted on July 31st, 2017
Samiam bundles are now available to order!!!

For all those who wanted to grab the Tie-dye 'Trips' and Clear/black smoke 'YAFMO', you can now order from the webstore!

IF any copies are left over by next week, we'll enable the individual purchase option, but for now it's just the discounted bundle option available



samiam trips tie-dye tie dye vinyl yafmo clear black smoke acoustic 7 inch


Posted on May 20th, 2016