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Samiam's "Clumsy" repressed on two exclusive variants! Order NOW!!!

Ahead of their October tour of Austria & Germany, we are super-proud to be able to offer you two exclusive variants of the band's watershed LP, "Clumsy". This is the record that many fans vote as their #1 Samiam record, and it's not difficult to see why: The perfect storm of slick major-label production clout, coupled with a band who were writing some of the most cohesive, melodic, emotional punk-rock of any decade! We really hope that this pressing serves as a great reminder to fans over here of why everyone needs to have Samiam in their record collection, as well as offering new fans a chance to get to hear one of the records that helped define a genre...Yes, it's THAT crucial an LP!!!

Originally pressed by Bitzcore here in Europe back in 2001, this 2018 version with updated artwork has been pressed on two vinyl variants which will be stamped & hand-numbered out of just 120 copies!!! See the pics below & order via our webstore!

Note: For those of you who need both of these ultra-rare variants, we have added a 'buy both' option which carries an automatic 10% discount :)

Samiam Clumsy vinyl Unless You Try Records tri colour pinwheel UK only exclusive variant


Posted on August 17th, 2018