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Snuff - The Wrath of Thoth 12" EP TRY-009

The brand new record from UK punk legends Snuff...That's right, SNUFF!!! Originally lined-up to be released on their May 2020 UK Tour, this EP brings us SIX unreleased tracks of absolute punk perfection from Duncan & the tracks if you include the hidden one :) Honestly, this release is just what we all needed right now, with the band running the gamut of punk styles, sliding from melodic hardcore riffage to bounce-along choruses, via a British airmen's song from World War I...Obviously! We are releasing this with the band's own label (10 Past 12 Records), and have pressed up just 500 copies over three colours of vinyl for you to take your pick from! DONALD DUCK!!!

Track Listing:

A1 Drink Freely From The Chalice Of Lunacy
A2 Nothing To See Here
A3 Conductor 71 (Vada Version)

B1 Poetic Nonsense
B2 The Bells Of Hell Go Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling
B3 King Of The Wild Frontier

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Pressing Information

500 copies split across the following variants:

- Eco-mix coloured vinyl (UYT webstore exclusive)
- Transparent green vinyl (Tour edition/10Past12 webstore exclusive)
- Opaque orange vinyl (Snuff/10Past12 webstore exclusive)