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Gameface - Every Last Tape 12" LP TRY-008

***Each LP contains a download code insert giving a digital copy of the album in your preferred format. The digital download also contains the additional tracks from the 'Every Last Time' Demo recording session!***

The end of the century was a significant moment for Southern California’s longstanding pop-punk-emo-rock-etc band Gameface. At the top of their game and just before a move to Revelation Records, the band expanded their sound by having singer Jeff Caudill take on second guitar duties. This led to a prolific songwriting streak that produced songs that would become ‘Every Last Time’ – arguably Gameface’s most beloved album. ‘Every Last Tape’ is a collection of demos and live tracks recorded in late 1998/early 1999. They capture the rawness and excitement of a band finding their sound and becoming who they are.

It's staggering to believe these tracks are the original demo versions! You can feel the excitement & pure energy in that studio as these tracks were committed to tape! Tracks that have become firm favourites among fans. Great to hear the little additional guitar hooks or vocals that were different to the final LP!


Side A
1. Everything I Do is Wrong (Demo)
2. Mean (Demo)
3. Boy Wonder (Demo)
4. Shock Tester (Demo)
5. Last Of The Good Guys (Demo)
6. If You Want My Advice (Demo)

Side B
7. What I Learned in School
8. Sweet Wreck
9. The Easy Way
10. Hey Radio
11. The Difference Between Flying and Falling
12. (Unlisted Insane Jam)

Digital-only Bonus Tracks
13. Sweet Wreck (Demo)
14. What I Learned in School (Demo)
15. The Easy Way (Demo)
16. Hey Radio (Demo)
17. The Difference Between Flying and Falling (Demo)


Pressing Information

First Pressing (300 copies only):
- Eco-mix lucky dip
- Yellow (Revelation Records exclusive)