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Samiam - Repress bundle ("Trips" tie-dye LP+7" + "YAFMO" on clear/black smoke) TRY-BNDL


- MAX of 2 bundles per customer -

Finally repressed for European fans, "Trips" was originally released back in 2011 and marked the band's first newly-recorded output in five years. Whilst it made numerous 'best of...' lists that year, and sold well in the band's home market, the album never really received the same exposure over here in Europe - a fact that is definitely not lost on the band, who count Euro-fans among their most loyal. Indeed the band members have often lamented that the one thing they miss when they play shows here is that there is not the same level of 'sing-along' for the Trips material versus similar shows in the States...Well now we need to remedy that, starting with this repress!!!

The crunching guitars & huge melodies that form that trademark Samiam sound are all here on "Trips". The songs have a similar feel to 2000's "Astray" (Not a bad thing! :-)) but are undeniably modern classics in their own right. Punky stormers like "80 West" and "Dead" sit comfortably alongside bouncing pop-punk gems like "Clean Up" and "How Would You Know", whilst "Nightly" and "El Dorado" show that the band are true masters of writing a cohesive LP full of varied styles & tempos that just hits you perfectly with each play...I've said it before a thousand times, for me, these guys are the genuine kings of melodic punk songwriting and for us to be able to bring that back to the fans over here is a real pleasure.

As a very special bonus, this package includes an exclusive acoustic 7" that you won't find anywhere else! Two exclusive stripped-down versions of tracks on the LP were recorded during the Trips 'sessions' and we have committed these bad boys to vinyl before wrapping them in a silver ink, screen-printed sleeve with artwork by the band! Each LP will contain a download insert (including the bonus 7" tracks!) and to round off this superb package we will also be giving away test presses of all our releases...Nice!

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