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Samiam - "Orphan Works" (UK-only pressing) 2x12" LP TRY-005

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Here we go!!! Unless You Try Records is proud to bring you the new release from the mighty Samiam! For those of you who haven't let this band's music enrich your life, they simply write some of the catchiest, melodic, guitar-driven tunes you will ever hear. Influenced by bands such as The Doughboys, Descendents & Husker Du, the band's sound has attracted a truly worldwide army of fans since the band's inception back in Berkeley, California circa 1988. Along with contemporaries Jawbreaker, they pretty much built the Bay Area pop-punk sound that many subsequent musicians owe so much to!

Countless world tours with bands such as Blink-182, Leatherface, Green Day & Sense Field (to name a few) have led to a rollercoaster of highs & lows for the band. They have literally experienced every facet of the music industry since the band's birth, whilst never being content to fit into any of the genres that the music media deemed fashionable at the time! This DOUBLE LP showcases previously unreleased & rare tracks from this 20-year-plus career at the forefront of independent music, and contains a full-colour insert with stories & memories from the individual band members, past and present. We hope it will serve as a great introduction to new listeners as well as a solid reminder to existing fans of just how influential Samiam have been (& continue to be!)

This strictly-limited UK vinyl pressing comes on two different variants, both of which are derived from the band's previous vinyl releases:

2x12"s 'SamStray' split colour
-"Samiam" LP originally pressed by New Red Archives on Transparent Purple
-"Astray" LP originally pressed by Hopeless Records on Solid White

2x12"s 'ClumDown' splatter wax
-"Clumsy" LP originally pressed by Bitzcore Recs on Transparent Red
-"Whatever's Got You Down" LP originally pressed by Hopeless Records on Yellow Splatter

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  1. Ain't No Size That Small
  2. Capsized
  3. Regret
  4. Bad Day
  5. My Convenience
  6. Stepson
  7. Don't Break Me
  8. Mr. Walker
  9. I Want More
  10. Search and Destroy
  11. Here Comes Your Man
  12. Stepson
  13. Sky Flying By
  14. Full On
  15. Clean
  16. Speed
  17. Time By The Dime
  18. Home Sweet Home

Pressing Information

199 - 'SamStray'
300 - 'ClumDown'