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Great St. Louis - "In Your Own Time" 12" LP TRY-004

THE GREAT ST LOUIS burst onto the scene with their debut album “FOREVER NOW” back at the tail end of 2006 and immediately the underground punk community stood up and took notice. Coming from Bolton, with their rough yet melodic, powerful punk that sounded like the bastard offspring of LEATHERFACE and SOCIAL DISTORTION “Forever Now” was one of the releases of the last decade – but also probably one of the best kept secrets too outside of the punk community. Although the influence of LEATHERFACE and SOCIAL DISTORTION is plain to see, this is not a band just ripping off their peers, but a band capable of writing some of the finest, most hook-stuffed punk songs you're likely to hear. With new album “IN YOUR OWN TIME”, they have stepped things up a gear once again - It's almost hard to believe that this is only their second album, as there are many bands playing this sort of thing who don't achieve these heights in their entire lifetime.. but the two and half years gestation period of the album, in the bands own painstaking pursuit for perfection - with songs rewritten, re-recorded and/or discarded along the way - has been worth the wait. THE GREAT ST LOUIS don’t deal in filler – and “IN YOUR OWN TIME” proves it. It’s not only a classic punk album, but also a classic album of the finest songs. Now, the album is available on limited edition vinyl as a corelease with Boss Tuneage and JSNTGM. Features 2 extra bonus tracks not on the CD Version!


  1. Mooresy
  2. Redeye
  3. Safe
  4. Don't Ask
  5. Remain
  6. Coming Home
  7. Closest Enemies
  8. Head Down Skin Up
  9. Strawman
  10. Croal
  11. Bare Knuckle Stroller (Vinyl Bonus Track)
  12. Worlds Collide (Vinyl Bonus Track)

Pressing Information

200 on White vinyl
300 on Brown vinyl