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Atlantic/Pacific - "Some Weary Valentine" 10" TRY-003

TRY-003 is the debut record from two of the finest, most hard-working musicians to grace their respective scenes. We are excited to bring you the first ever release by Atlantic/Pacific, the band formed by John Herguth (House & Parish) and Garrett Klahn (Texas Is The Reason, Solea).

Atlantic/Pacific was originally conceived in the summer of 2008 and started life as an acoustic duo deep in the heart of Brooklyn. Its roots stretch as far back to the days of Texas Is The Reason when the two agreed to someday 'do something'. With an impromptu rehearsal and a shared desire to get back on the road, the stage was set and the first tour booked with Sergie Loobkoff of Samiam/Solea joining the band for the Winter 2008 tour.

Atlantic/Pacific continues to shape their sound, at times borrowing from shoegaze of the 90s and, at times, drifting in and out of folk landscapes of all decades. This 10" is a snapshot of the band during this formative period and serves as the perfect introduction to listeners all over the world.


  1. Some Weary Valentine
  2. The Inquisition (Demo)
  3. Picture Perfect (Demo)
  4. Meet Your New Love (Live In Hamburg)

Pressing Information

200 on Black vinyl
300 on Opaque White with translucent Green splatter