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Jeff Caudill - "Always On: 10th Anniversary" 12" LP + FREE BONUS ALBUM! TRY-006

All pre-orders come with a FREE bonus album - Jeff's rarities & demos album 'Every Last Song' - on a cool-looking vinyl effect CD! That's a total of 34 amazing tracks for the price of the AO:10 12"!!!

In addition to the three colours of wax, we are offering a 'triple pack' of all three colours, giving you a 15% discount over buying all three individually. What's more, there will be 25 collectors covers signed by Jeff himself - The only way to get one of these /25 copies is to buy the 3-pack!

There will be a test pressing competiton (only 9 test presses made!) for everyone who orders via us!!!


  1. Laughable
  2. The Warmest Heart Attack
  3. Angels On The Wing
  4. Balance
  5. Anyone Can Write A Song
  6. New Landscaping
  7. Robots
  8. Accidental Clarity
  9. The Problem With Me
  10. Awkward Age

Pressing Information

Pressed on Black, Blue and Clear vinyl